About Us

Every company has a story. We, too, once developed our business model to solve a real problem: the danger and the costs of bad kitchen knives.

This is the story of Prusseiton: As a teenager, I made money by working as an assistant at a diner during holidays and weekends. There I was allowed to cut open 15 kilograms of onions, 10 kilograms of tomatoes and hundreds of rolls every day for the production of fish rolls. For a teenager, that was a good job. I enjoyed the handwork and learned a lot in the process. What I didn't know before: Sharp knives are the most important tool in the kitchen!

At that time I felt the danger of inferior knives. After severely cutting myself a few times, I realized that dull knives are far more dangerous than sharp chef's knives. I was surprised to find out how easy and fast the ingredients can be cut with the right tool. Unfortunately, many hobby cooks are wrong here. Is it a coincidence that "knife" means both "knife" and "dagger" in English? A kitchen knife has to cut flawlessly - what else? Even hobby cooks should not lose valuable time or energy when snipping, dicing and chopping. A pleasant, stress-free and safe preparation of food can only be achieved with high-quality equipment. Even the economic calculation seemed clear to me back then: bad chef's knives are more expensive because they have to be replaced all the time.

With this knowledge, I forged the plan to offer hand-picked Asian chef's knives. I wanted to support hobby chefs with elegant, individual and, above all, sharp kitchen knives. I turned this vision into reality. My aim is to select the best products from all over the world and to help chefs achieve a sharp, clean cut.

We are a small family business from Zwickau (Saxony) that stands 100% behind your Asian chef's knife sets in damask look.

Have a great day and have fun discovering!

Your Olaf and the Prusseiton team