Purchase advisor for Asian chef's knife sets

Kaufberater für Asiatische Kochmesser-Set´s

Hello Dear Reader! Today would like I To you show, How You the perfect asian Chef Knife Set for Your Kitchen find. This blog post puts To you the different knife types before and gives tips to the Selection of right materials and the right Care Yourhe Knife.

First once from the Santoku knife. This utility knife is one the most versatile asian chef's knife, perfect for the Cut, roll the dice and Chop from Vegetables, Meat and Fish. The leaves are normally 16-20 cm long, broad and rounded.

Purchase advisor for Asian chef's knife sets
Our Kiritsuke knives in Also called Gyoto in Japanese resemble modern chef's knives, are however lighter and more maneuverable.

Purchase advisor for Asian chef's knife sets

Nakiri knife are with us under the term cleaversKnife to find her  are Knife, the special for the Cut from Vegetables developed became. The blade is very thin and broad, so that She Vegetables fast and precise cut can.

Purchase advisor for Asian chef's knife sets
Deba knife are heavy, broad Knife, the itself perfect for the Cut from Fish and Meat suit. The blade is 15-30 cm long and has one very sharp and rounded Top.

Purchase advisor for Asian chef's knife sets

The cleaversMeater is the heaviest and largest Knife on this List. The broad and thickness blade suitable itself terrific for the Cut from Meat and Bone.
Purchase advisor for Asian chef's knife setsAsian chef's knife become out of one Variety from materials manufactured, underneath carbon steel, stainless steel and damascus steel. carbon steel is a very hard and sharp edged Material, the however roast can. stainless steel is corrosion resistant and light to clean, but not so sharp How carbon steel. damascus steel becomes manufactured, in which several steel layers commonality welded become, around one extreme sharp cutting edge to receive.
With it Your asian chef's knife optimal look, need she the right one Care. After each use clean and dry. use no sharpen cleaning supplies or mop, there this for Sound dangerous be can. Sharpen yoursKnife regularly and beware she for the Protection the blade in one knife block or magnetic knife holder on.

Purchase advisor for Asian chef's knife setsin summary have weDir different asian chef's knife shown and shown, How You the best set for Your Kitchen find, but detailed counselor and tips can To you included help, the right one set to find. Permit You from our Guide blog post to inspire, around Da perfect asian chef knife set to find! 

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