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Kaufberater für Asiatische Kochmesser

Which chef's knife is the right one?

Asian chef's knives enjoy a worldwide reputation for being among the sharpest knives in the world.

Asian chef's knives are among the best of their kind because they have a very long tradition.

If you are looking for the best Asian knife, you will be spoiled for choice because the range is very large. Before buying, you should not only deal with the properties of the knives, but also know the different types of knives in order to be able to make a good purchase decision.

If you don't have the time to do extensive research, but still want to make a good decision, we can help you because we have already done the research for you.

It's a common misconception that good cooking has to do with a variety of different knives. The proof of this are the great star chefs.

For over ninety percent of the work they do in the kitchen, they have a single knife that they guard like the apple of their eye. Because when it comes to knives, quality clearly comes before quantity.

However, since the range is very large and it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable Japanese knife for yourself, you should take a brief look at the properties of Japanese knives and the different types.

What types are there?

A very popular and frequently used knife is the so-called Santoku knife . This knife "of the three virtues" is ideal for meat and fish. It is an all-round knife that is sharpened on both sides and has a high, pointed blade. As a rule, these knives are between 15 and 25 centimeters long. Characteristic is the blade that protrudes quite far under the handle, which ensures that there is enough space for the fingers.

There are also a variety of other Asian knives that are often used for various tasks, especially in the professional sector. This includes, for example, the Kiritsuke knife , which is used for finer work. It is 18 to 20 centimeters long and is ideal for filleting or for removing tendons and skinning. Compared to the Santoku knife, it is significantly narrower and there are also very small Gyuto knives, which are similar to the European paring knife and are only between 10 and 15 centimeters long.

Chef knives are also very popular. They are used for chopping and have a blade length of up to 30 centimeters. It is similar in structure to the Santoku, but is much more stable and wider. Fish bones and bones can also be broken up easily. The Chef knife is easily recognizable by the blade, which is only sharpened on one side.

Other popular types of knives are the thin utility knives for filleting or carving or fruit . The range of Asian knives is very broad, but all knives have in common that they are incomparably hard, sharp and durable. For daily use in the kitchen there is hardly a better knife than a traditional Japanese chef's knife.

All of these knives are test winners from 2018.


Only buy chef's knives specifically. You save money and can work much better with it. Our comparison has shown you which are the best kitchen knives and which chef's knife test winners are also recommended at home!

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